Numery archiwalne

Author: Karolina Broma-Smenda    |   Pages: 20–39



The practice of enjo-kōsai ('compensated dating') arose in the mid-1990s in Japan. It is a trend where an older, wealthy man sponsors attractive and significantly younger women (often high school girls) for their companionship and sometimes sexual services. Those young girls, by becoming involved in an enjo-kōsai relationship, are trying to make money to purchase brand clothes and accessories. Call Me Komachi (2003) is a play which deals with the enjo-kōsai problem. The main protagonist is a high school girl named Reika, who has an older sponsor. Ono no Komachi, who is mentioned in the title of a play, was a famous Japanese poet of the early Heian Period. Why is a poet from ancient Japan mentioned in the title of a play about a problem of modern Japanese society?


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