Numery archiwalne

Author: Małgorzata Citko    |   Pages: 55–81



The paper analyzes several poems by the Princess Shikishi (1149-1200) from the viewpoint of Man'yōshū appropriation. Despite relative scarcity of allusions to Man'yōshū, some features in her appropriation style are found in the poetry of other contemporary poets, e.g. frequent appropriation of volumes X-XI and well-known Man'yōshū lines, utilization of secondary sources rather than Man'yōshū manuscripts, etc. This demonstrates complexity of channels through which Man'yōshū was appropriated. Simultaneously, there are features of her Man'yōshū appropriation that distinguished her from other contemporary poets, which evidences that Princess Shikishi was not only a participant in but also a significant contributor to early medieval poetic discourse.


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