Numery archiwalne

Author: Mario Talamo    |   Pages: 7–22



The Tōkaidōchū hizakurige is one of the most renowned and celebrated works of the entire Edo period; it was composed by Jippensha Ikku (1765-1831) and delivered by Murataya Jirōbee from the second year of Kyōwa (1802) to the sixth of Bunka (1809). It was so successful that it constituted the main source of income for both the publisher and the author. That kind of popularity could have hardly been achieved without a well-planned editorial strategy. During the publication the work changed; it is therefore possible to outline an evolution within Ikku's masterpiece which goes straight from the first volume to the eighth and last installment.

My aim is to analyze those changes by connecting them with society and the sales strategies of the publishing sector. I intend to outline the ways in which the author and the publisher arranged their work in order to enlarge the readership and address their production to a specific audience. It is my intention to examine the original edition of the Hizakurige and its reprint, which was published during the second year of Bunkyū (1862).



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