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Autor: Jakub Ali Farhan   |   Strony: 149-163



The author strives to examine the influence of historical events of the 19th and 20th centuries on the current political situation in the People's Republic of China. Both the current foreign and domestic policy pursued by the PRC is determined by history, especially by the so-called “century of humiliation”, on which the author has focused. All signs point to China becoming a global superpower within the next several years; due to this fact, concern with the policy pursued by China seems to be a crucial issue. Historical policy and history are of great signifi-cance – not only have they transformed Chinese international relations, shaped by the Communist Party of China, but also impacted the attitudes of citizens. The conclusions of this paper have been drawn from the analysis of modern history of China and current political events. The author claims that there is a strong connection between the tensions in relations between China and Japan, the aforementioned historical events and the aversion of China towards Japan, which is still prevalent in the foreign policy of the Communist Party of China. These consid-erations are based on papers concerning the “century of humil-iation”, such as The "Century of Humiliation", Then and Now: Chinese Perceptions of the International Order by Alison Ad-cock Kaufman and Never Forget the National Humiliation: His-torical Memory in Chinese Politics and Foreign Relations by Zheng Wang and current political events.


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