Numery archiwalne

Author: Larisa Zabrovskaia    |   Pages: 61–68



The article is devoted to the urgent problem of women’s status and their level of social position in countries with Confucian traditions. The article analyzes how gender identity is constructed out of social and political forces. It was supplemented by comparative studies of the gender policies provided by the contemporary authorities of Korea, China and Japan and discovers a new tendency in their internal policies. The author reveals the historical roots of women’s low positions in Confucian societies and shows the present changes of women’s social status. It was underlined that the real gender situation leaves much to be desired in Japan. China’s authorities try to overcome negative traditions in family life and build the modern nation-state with high global competitive abilities. The authorities of the two parts of Korea are going to raise women’s social status. The Korean states have made outstanding progress in their gender policies. The authorities of all states with Confucian traditions have an aim to involve more women in economic activity, to increase the effectiveness of their economies. Doing this they may avoid the invitation of a big number of foreign workers.


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