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Author: Ewa Chmielowska, Fu-Sheng Shih   |   Pages: 123–136



The modern phenomenon of Taiwanese Zuo Yuezi has exceptional features, such as a Chinese Medicinal system background and recent commercialization. After its millennia-lasting history, we may wonder, what is the modern shape of this tradition, and how it impacts on modern life. The purpose of this research is to describe the Taiwan Chinese medical Gynecologists’ attitude towards Zuo Yuezi tradition, and to describe contemporary Zuo Yuezi through their practical knowledge and experience. Questionnaires have been used as a tool in this survey consisting of and including information such as respondents’ attitudes to 68 elements of Zuo Yuezi and its assignment to four different categories of consideration. Results showed that: 1) Zuo Yuezi is considered as very important as contributing to the postpartum mother’s health. 2) Transitions in Zuo Yuezi manner include: resignation from the traditional restrictions concerning hygiene, like body and hair washing, preferences for the commercial locations and services of Zuo Yuezi Centers for postpartum rest, and a shifting in family members’ ways of participation in Zuo Yuezi. 3) The impact of western medical education on respondents’ attitudes is clearly visible.


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