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Author: Iwona Grabowska-Lipińska   |   Pages: 157–165



The aim of the article is the analysis of the Chinese political strategy in 1949–1976.

In the paper People’s Republic of China policy toward the Southeast Asia countries in respect of the internal and international political circumstances is presented. Author is focused on the presentation of the main factors having impact on the shape of the Chinese policy in two periods: since People’s Republic of China Proclamation until Geneva Conference and since Geneva Conference until the end of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China. Moreover Geneva Conference Accords impact on the policy of People’s Republic of China is discussed. Cultural, economic and political situation of the Chinese diaspora in Southeast Asia countries is highlighted in the paper.

Issue of PRC policy toward Vietnam is emphasized. Observations on the paper lead to the conclusion that Chinese policy is unique in local as well as in global magnitude.


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