Author guidelines

Articles submitted to the journal should not be submitted elsewhere. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to publish any material under copyright (see the ‘Ghostwriting’ and ‘Statement for authors’ files). Articles must be in English, French or in German. The article should begin with an abstract of up to 100 words, followed by five keywords which should describe the article’s main arguments and conclusions. Manuscript length should be between 18 and 22 typewritten pages, maximum 40 thous. characters (including the main text, notes, and tables), and should be typed on A4 paper, in 12-point Times New Roman font, with ample margins on all sides. The entire manuscript must be 11⁄2-spaced and numbered consecutively. The title, the author’s name and her/his institutional affiliation should be at the top of the first page (do not use headnotes). All titles in non-Roman alphabets must be transliterated. An English translation of non-standard language titles should be provided in parentheses after the title.

Footnotes at the bottom of the text page are obligatory. Quotations must be numbered consecutively throughout the text, typed single-spaced in paragraph style, and grouped together as a unit following the text. The style of note citation should conform with the following examples.

1. Ivor Wilks, Wa and Wala. Islam and Polity in North-Western Ghana, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1989, p. 70.

2. Giacomo Luciani (ed.), The Arab State, London: Routledge, 1990, p. 124.

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5. L. Dimond, ‘Rethinking of Civil Society’, Journal of Democracy, Vol. 5, No. 3, July 1994, p. 4.

6. Tafsir of Ibn Kathir: (accessed 20.11.2011).

When notes to the same work follow after interruption, use the author’s last name and a shortened title of the book or article.

7. Pfeifer, Is There an Islamic..., p. 154.

8. Ibid., p. 186.

9. Ibidem.

Do not use op.cit.

More substantial editing will be returned to the author for approval before publication. No rewriting will be allowed at the proof stage. Authors will be asked to return the material to the editorial office within 4 days of receipt, or approval will be assumed.

Articles are qualified on the basis of a double-blind review process by external referees. (see the ‘Peer Review Process’ file).

Articles from current and recent issues are available online, in the sections 'Current Issue' and 'Archive Issues' respectively.

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